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The Branding Nook is a dedicated platform for insights on Marketing & Branding through experiences, news analysis and brand stories

Stand At Ease With Prof. Prachi

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Passion drives my profession, immense satisfaction moves me towards community service and desire to evolve hones my creativity wherever I am.

Wide exposure and experience that I have gained over last 20+ years in corporate & academic career has enriched me with varied skills. With a PhD in Brand Management and an MBA in Marketing, my forte lies in extensive analysis of different customer & branding stories and drawing insights from them. I have 2 books published under my name, Pearson’s ‘Marketing Management – Indian Cases’ and SYBGEN Learning’s ‘Digital Marketing and Strategy’.

I carry a deep love for my field of Marketing and I strongly believe that ‘Marketing is present at every step of life’, and therefore, ‘The Branding Nook’ is my attempt towards bridging the gap between books & life.

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The Branding Nook's 3 Pillars

Explore to Evolve

Lessons based on Anecdotal Tales

Content will give a unique perspective to observations. Here exploring everyday experiences, instances & observations will act as a teacher and help evolve.

Link to Learn

Lessons based on News Analysis

Here business news act as a teacher where different concepts will be linked to the varied news pieces to help learn.

Delve to Develop

Lessons based on
Brand Stories

Learn from engaging & detailed stories on brands. Here deep dives into brand journeys act as a teacher to develop knowledge.


A teacher is considered someone who stands with you throughout your years of learning, and I consider myself exceedingly fortunate to have found one in Prachi Ma'am. She is my mentor at each step of my professional development.
Her distinct teaching style, which featured an excellent blend of theoretical and practical application, helped me prepare for the corporate world. The in-class exercises that encouraged us to read the news and connect it to concepts assisted me in gaining a deeper understanding of fundamental concepts, making connections to real-life situations, identifying patterns to improve my critical thinking skills, and, more importantly, making learning enjoyable.

Siddhesh Desai

Manager, Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt Ltd

Our Unique Value Proposition

Simple & easy to understand content

Learn from Text, Audio & Visuals

In-Depth News Analysis & Insights

School with discussions, workshops & chats

Listen & Learn

Big Bold Leap & Beckoning Beyond: Asian Paints - Part IIProf. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 38:53
In the World of Pronouns, Consumer Behaviour & Brand Promotions Need a RelookProf. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 12:16
News: PepsiCo set to sell Tropicana & other juice brandsProf. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 11:29

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