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Pursuit of Lifelong Learning

   Our Vision   

Provide an engaging platform that encourages the pursuit of lifelong learning through innovative tools, away from books. Help derive insights on Marketing & Branding with utmost ease from every nook.

   Our Beliefs   

  • Each one of us is a marketer

  • Learning from marketing can be derived at every step of life

  • Each one of us can become a brand with the right strategic push

   Our Values   

  • Create positive impact by sharing knowledge

  • Provide ease of learning to make it inclusive

  • Make people powerful through the power of right content

  • Contribute to wider happiness

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Dr. Prachi Gupta

Founder at The Branding Nook

As a passionate teacher & marketeer, Dr. Prachi is efficient in bridging the academic and real business world on topics related to marketing, branding & consumer behaviour. She involves herself in continuous development & sharing of knowledge in this field by engaging in research, live projects, case study writing & analysis, lectures and workshops.


Her expertise lies in continuous development of innovative teaching pedagogies that are relevant, contemporary & engaging. Her calibre and conduct make her unique and highly appreciated by students

Dr. Prachi has led various social initiatives within her job contours and beyond as part of different NGOs and as her constant way of life.


She has previously been a member of an NGO called Ladies Circle India working in the field of education, health and sanitation. As Chairperson of its Surat wing, in year 2008-09, she got the best Chairperson Award among more than 200 wings throughout India.

She is an active contributor to Goonj – a Non-Profit Organisation involved in disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community development projects. She is also associated with The Rotary Club of Navi Mumbai.



Dr. Prachi Gupta has received multiple copyrights, a testament to the passion behind The Branding Nook and the result of long years of practice and the effectiveness of her teaching pedagogy in helping her students. 

Content Contributor


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