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Anecdotal Tales

I believe everything in life moves on the wheel of marketing. Marketing is innate in each one of us which we need to explore through a close look at life experiences, instances & observations. This section will provide unique perspectives, to help you evolve as a marketer.

Listen & Learn

In the World of Pronouns, Consumer Behaviour & Brand Promotions Need a RelookProf. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 12:16
Brahmastra: The Invincible Weapon with NatureProf. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 05:27
Emotion of Mango-Madness Needs a Brand HookProf. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 11:58
Gifting Gesture Can Get Sweeter with the Brand HookProf. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 04:22
Distance Re-incarnated As ‘Social Distancing’Prof. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 15:04
Stories Make Life & Stories Make BrandProf. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 16:46
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