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Folded Newspapers

News Analysis

Business news is an apt and engaging tool for teaching management concepts & strategies. Analysis of different news pieces and linking them to concepts, weaves a story, making the learning journey interesting and meaningful. In this section, an attempt is to make you walk this innovative path of learning with me

Listen & Learn

News: Maruti Suzuki to hike prices across models, to offset rising input costsProf. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 12:50
News: PepsiCo set to sell Tropicana & other juice brandsProf. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 11:29
News: Conglomerates wake up to the Climate callProf. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 15:55
News: Sustainability factor growing big in fashion industryProf. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 08:44
News: Covid shook Just-In-Time in Automobile sectorProf. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 16:32
News: Covid shook Just-In-Time in TV Broadcast industryProf. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 08:56
News: Mergers & Acquisitions in EdTech SectorProf. Prachi Gupta
00:00 / 18:07
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