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News Analysis Workshop

by Dr. Prachi Gupta (PhD, Brand Management)

About the Workshop

As Philip Kotler once said, “Marketing is the ability to hit the mark.”


And to hit the mark, it is necessary to understand the marketing concepts in a way which can relate to the current world.


What better way to learn Marketing than the daily business news? With so much happening everyday, Marketing concepts can be easily learned and understood through this relevant & engaging pedagogy, “News Analysis”. This pedagogy helps develop general news literacy, critical thinking and strategic management skills in different verticals. Find some News Analysis articles by Dr. Prachi Gupta here.


The Branding Nook brings you a workshop, which will help you gain expertise in the art of finding story while reading news, analyse the news-pieces critically and finally master the concepts of marketing in an applied way. 

About Workshop

Breakdown of the Workshop


  • Familiarizing with different types of newspapers, their different sections and importance in management studies

  • Identifying the right sections of different business newspapers to meet different requirements

  • Inculcating the habit of reading by devising interesting methods

  • Develop perfect reading to help analyse and develop critical thinking  from Marketing and Branding point of view 


  • Identifying the news to be analysed for maximum learning

  • Connecting news pieces from newspapers of different days to weave a story

  • Knowing the concepts that can be applied to the news

  • Detailed analysis of scenarios, identifying of business strategies and developing strong reasoning around the scenarios & strategies

  • Discussion and practice work


  • The process taught on day 2, will be applied by the class to gain complete hands-on experience

  • From right identifying & selection of news to right method of reading, analysing & applying to concepts will be done to perfect the art


  • Presentation of news analysis as a story with wide & in-depth learnings to The Branding Nook.

  • Best ones win a chance to have their analysis published on The Branding Nook website.


Who should attend?

Those who love marketing

Those who want to learn marketing 

Those who wish to integrate marketing in their daily lives

Those curious about the new pedagogy of News Analysis

Benefits of the Workshop

  • Stay updated with the latest news

  • Become a smart reader 

  • Understand Marketing through things happening everyday around

  • The interactive workshop will enable to identify and understand the interplay of various factors under the influence of which an industry or company operates. 

  • Understand major trends and strategies adopted widely

  • Become the smarter one during different corporate interactions

  • Add the workshop participation certificate and this new skill to your CV!

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About the Facilitator

One of her most successful and highly appreciated tool has been teaching through extensive news analysis. During her academic career, she has analysed more than 500 news articles to teach varied management courses like Marketing Management, Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Strategy and Rural Marketing, and influenced more than 2000 management students. Real corporate scenarios and strategies learnt by students in classroom through current news analysis are then practiced by them as corporate professionals.

Her analysis on different sectors have also been published in a book on Indian Cases by Pearson publication. This book supplements the title Marketing Management by Philip Kotler.

Know more:

Dr. Prachi Gupta carries more than 20 years of experience in corporate & academics, where she has continuously practiced and taught Marketing & Branding.

With a PhD in Brand Management & MBA in Marketing, her forte lies in extensive analysis of customer and brand stories and drawing insights from them. 

She has gained expertise in teaching marketing concepts through unique pedagogies, which make learning relevant and engaging. 



A teacher is considered someone who stands with you throughout your years of learning, and I consider myself exceedingly fortunate to have found one in Prachi Ma'am. She is my mentor at each step of my professional development.
Her distinct teaching style, which featured an excellent blend of theoretical and practical application, helped me prepare for the corporate world. The in-class exercises that encouraged us to read the news and connect it to concepts assisted me in gaining a deeper understanding of fundamental concepts, making connections to real-life situations, identifying patterns to improve my critical thinking skills, and, more importantly, making learning enjoyable.

Siddhesh Desai

Manager, Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt Ltd

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